Craft Beer & Oysters



An hour of indulgence awaits you as you learn about the nuances of tasting and your hosts Lee and Danny from Shifty Lizard explain the sometimes subtle complexities among various beer styles. You’ll learn that beer is about more than just cracking open a can on a hot day… not that that isn’t a great experience in itself! This beer tasting class will make anyone who loves beer enjoy it even more.

You will sit down for a tasting of at least four different craft beers complete with 12 delicious oysters from Smoky Bay as Lee and Danny share with you the ins and outs of what makes a great craft beer, the perfect way to spend an hour sharing and learning together at Oysterfest.

As the story goes…Lee and Danny both grew up in the picturesque Onkaparinga district of Adelaide, where they spent their days riding pushbikes or kicking the footy around the local football club.

Fast forward a couple decades of friendship, while Lee mastered his brewing art in Europe and Danny honed some sweet illustration skills, and you’ll find there’s now less cricket on the pitch and more in their beer…
The two joined forces in recent years to create a fine range of ales as unique as their skill set and launched Shifty Lizard which has grown from strength to strength.
Be sure to grab your ticket now as both classes were sold out quickly in 2019.


Saturday 2:30 PM, Sunday 11:00 AM

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