All the fun competitions for young and old at Oysterfest's 30th Anniversary!

Don’t forget to register at the Festival Information Marquee.

Oysterfest Street Parade

OK ... it's not really a competition, but there are prizes and you do need to register.

It’s on again, Oysterfest’s iconic Street Parade! With a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ theme, the parade will be a wonderful opportunity to dress up in all things Jack Sparrow. Just imagine those ‘Black Pearl’ inspired floats. Time to get your thinking hats on and your creative minds working!

The Oysterfest Street Parade, one of the favourite events of the weekend provides a fun filled, community spirited way to kick start the weekend’s Festival activities so lets make it one of the biggest and brightest yet, after all, it is our 30th anniversary!

Come along dressed in your best themed outfit and show off how creative you can be in bringing to life the characters from the movie and go in the draw to win one of our fabulous cash prizes!
Prizes will be awarded as follows:

Best Float – $500,
Best Adult Costume Male – $100 (17+ years)
Best Adult Costume Female – $100 (17+ years)
Best Teenager Costume Male – $100 (11-16 years)
Best Teenager Costume Female – $100 (11-16 years)
Best Child Costume Male – $50 (2-10)
Best Child Costume Female – $50 (2-10)

Remember to enter online, its easy!

Prize winners will be announced at the Official Festival opening on the Main Stage with prizes to be collected from the main stage. All winners are expected to participate in a group photo.

Fish Filleting Competition

The annual quest for the perfect King George Whiting fillet.

Will you be participating in our ever popular Fish Filleting Competition? Do you have what it takes to win this prestigious event?
During this timed event you will fillet two whiting cleanly and as fast as possible to take home not only the title but $100 cash. That’s definitely worth trying your hand at a spot of fish filleting!
Participants must be 18+ years of age.

Children's Kite Competition

A fun activity for all budding young aviators.

Bring down your Pirates of the Caribbean inspired kite and let fly with it above the Sailing Club lawns. Enter the competition for best themed kite and best flying kite. This is a fun activity not only for the kids but for adults to join in as well. Let’s make the sky sparkle with colour as the kids show off their prowess at kite building and flying.
Best Themed Kite wins $50
Best Flying Kite wins $50
Age Groups 8 -10, 11 to 14, 15 to 17

Mini Triathalon

A great way to start your festival Sunday.

Fresh air and exercise are a great way to start the day! The course for this event is along the foreshore from the front of the Ceduna Jetty to Pinky Point.

Oyster Shuck 'n Eat Competition

Pairs of contestants compete to move the most oysters from shell to belly.

One of the highlights of the weekend always is the popular Oyster Shuck n Eat competition.
Teams of two, 1 shucker (oyster opener) and 1 eater (blindfolded, no use of hands) compete to open and eat 12 oysters in the fastest time possible.
The fastest 4 times from the heats compete against each other in the hotly contested final with the overall winning team taking home $200 cash!
Do you have what it takes to be the best? For $200, it’s certainly worth a go!
Participants must be 18+ years of age.

Stein Hold Competition

A real test of strength, endurance and a high pain threshold.

Are you up for the challenge? Do you have what it takes to hold a full beer stein while standing with your arm outstretched unsupported? No spillages or drinking allowed!

Join in the fun and challenge yourself, you never know, you may take home the coveted cash prize of $100! With that amount of cash up for grabs, why wouldn’t you give it a go!

Iced Coffee Hold Competition

Not to be outdone, this children's competition is the perfect training ground for future stein holders!

Do you have what it takes to hold on for the longest time and take home the coveted cash prize?
Standing upright with your arm extended straight out with no support, how long can you hold your iced coffee carton for? No spillage or leakage allowed.
Join in the fun and give it a go, you never know, you might be taking home not only your iced coffee but some cold hard cash as well!
Age Groups 5-8, 9-12 13-15 with the youngest division going first.
Winner $25, Runner Up $15

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